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The honorary degree is an educational concept that brings out the importance of work experience. If higher educational bodies like the universities that put people through an educational program that lasts almost 10 years in order to award them with a doctorate degree are prepared to award this same degree to individuals based on their work experience, then it means that work experience is a very important factor to consider. Honorary degree in its highest form comes as an honorary doctorate. Whereas the formal academic degrees require adequate academic achievements, the honorary degree requires sufficient experience in a specified field.

Since the honorary doctorate is the ceremonial equivalent of the highest degree in the academic field, institutions that award the honorary doctorate are very careful when it comes to assessing the applicant. The honorary degree holder is often seen as an ambassador who is expected to spread wide, the good name and reputation of the institution behind the degree. If the honorary degree holder indulges in inappropriate behavior, it will have a ripple effect on the reputation of the university that awarded such a fellow with the degree. This situation has caused some universities to later withdraw the honorary degrees presented to certain people.

On the other hand, there have been times when individuals billed to receive honorary degrees from certain institutions have rejected these degrees as a form of protest against the institution, someone affiliated to the institution or the home country of the institution. Essentially, if the supposed recipient of the honorary degree is not confident of the reputation of the institution, he or she may have grounds to turn down the offer.

It is only a handful of individuals who get the opportunity to turn down honorary doctorate degree awards. This is because in most cases, there are more people who are eligible to receive such awards than the number of awards given out each year by all the universities in the world. In a bid to make the honorary doctorate degree a well respected one, traditional campus based universities have reduced the number of awards they give out. Some universities have even gone further to limit the honorary degrees to cover only distinguished individuals who visit them. With such measures in place, it has become very difficult for duly qualified individuals to obtain honorary degrees.

Fortunately, one does not have to sit and hope that one day he or she would get a call from a university that wants to award him or her with an honorary doctorate degree. You can take the future into your own hands by taking a vital step forward. Online universities that offer degree programs have the right to award honorary doctorate degrees to people they deem fit. These universities are prepared to provide you with a top notch world acclaimed honorary doctorate degree if you apply for it. By applying for the honorary degree, you express your desire to be considered for such a degree. The university will then put you through a simple but effective assessment process and if you come out with flying colors, your honorary degree will be mailed to you.

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